David Deslauriers

Professeur chercheur

Born in Quebec City, I grew up alongside the St. Lawrence River where I learned to appreciate the biology and ecology of aquatic organisms I often encountered. While studying from my bachelor’s degree in biology at Laval University, I had the chance to work with a sturgeon and eel commercial fisherman located on the island of Orléans near Quebec City. From that experience, I developed an interest in starting my own sturgeon farm in order to start producing the precious caviar. With that in mind, I moved to St. John’s, NL, to gain knowledge in aquaculture through the advanced diploma in sustainable aquaculture given at the Marine Institute. That one-year program convinced me that my future lay in research rather than in the aquaculture industry.  Following my graduation from the ADSA program, I moved to Saint John, NB, to complete my Master’s in biology at the University of New Brunswick in Dr. James Kieffer’s laboratory. 


My research project focused on better understanding the swimming behaviour and performance of the shortnose sturgeon, a species endemic to the Saint John River. That wonderful experience convinced me to undertake a PhD at South Dakota State University in the laboratory of Dr. Steve Chipps. My project looked to develop a bioenergetics model for the early life stages of the endangered pallid sturgeon and inform management on optimal parameters for growth and survival for this species living in the Missouri River. Following my passion for sturgeon, I accepted a two-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. Gary Anderson at the University of Manitoba to design optimal rearing methods for lake sturgeon conservation purposes. I was then offered a research scientist position with Fisheries and Oceans Canada based in Winnipeg. As part of that role, I got to explore the Canadian Arctic and also learned to manage my very own research program. Having gained a lot from that experience and keen to renew with my French-Canadian roots, I accepted a professor position in fish ecophysiology at ISMER-UQAR in 2019.